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Sew Saturday

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Celebrate Sew Saturday on 6th October 2018

If you love sewing and want to celebrate your hobby with your favourite store, mark 6th October 2018 in your diary NOW! All over the country, fabric and haberdashery shops are already planning to bring everyone together for a day of stitchy fun. What better way to spend a Saturday?

So, what is 'Sew Saturday' all about?

It's a campaign that was launched four years ago by Sew magazine and its sister titles, Crafts Beautiful, Make It Today, Let’s Knit, Let’s Get Crafting, and Craft Business. In an age of online shopping, the idea is to show people what's great about going to a bricks-and-mortar store – being able to see and touch fabrics, ask the staff for advice, take part in workshops and meet like-minded stitchers!

If you want to join in the fun but aren't sure which shops in your area are taking part, simply click the button below which will take you to our interactive online map. All you have to do is type in your postcode or select your area of the country, and you'll be presented with a list of your nearest participating stores. The map will be continually updated in the months leading up to Sew Saturday, so make sure to check it often – and if you don't see your favourite shop listed, why not pass on our invitation to join in the fun?

What's going to happen on the day itself?

All the participating shops will organise their own special, in-store event – in other words, the day is one big sewing party that everyone's invited to! Many stores come up with their own brilliant ideas and workshops – here are just some of the great things that you could expect this year:

Spirit and Unity Unicorn: our two NEW Sew Saturday mascots for 2018 will be appearing on three exclusive projects that you can make on the day.

In-store discounts: pick up a bargain, with some businesses providing money-off deals or vouchers to be used on the day itself.

Workshops and make & takes: many stores will be holding classes on the day.

Goodie bags: many shops give away bags of lovely sewing items on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you turn up early!

Competitions: stores will often hold contests with the chance to win a great prize!

Celebrity guests: including May Martin, Stuart Hillard and Lauren Guthrie, plus other sewing stars who'll be appearing in stores on the day.

Tea and cake: after all that shopping and sewing, you'll be in need of a cuppa and many shops will be offering up some tasty treats to enjoy!

Own a store and want to get involved?


Our team of ambassadors will be spreading the word about Sew Saturday and taking part on the day. Here's what they have to say about why you should definitely join in the celebrations...

Stuart Hillard
TV personality

“Fabric and haberdashery shops in the UK are going from strength to strength but they still need our support. Every time we visit our local shop and make a purchase we are ensuring their survival and growth – and that means more choice, better service and greater support for the sewing enthusiasts of Britain."

Lisa Comfort
Pattern designer and sewing shop owner

"Sewing is a pretty solitary sport, so having a social hub in the form of a local sewing shop can be a great refuge and the perfect place to meet like-minded people. Supporting bricks and mortar businesses helps ensure there will always be a place to stroke fabric, join in events and make new friends, then nab some thread when you run out! Who doesn't want a pretty haberdashery on their high street, instead of another betting shop?"

Rachel Pinheiro
Sewing blogger

“I have participated in Sew Saturday for the last two years and have a very fond relationship with my local brick and mortar shop. When I knew I wanted to learn how to sew they offered something beyond the choices of sewing machine to purchase – they provided advice, support and a community.”

May Martin
Sewing Bee judge

“Sew Saturday provides a unique opportunity to spend time in a fabric shop with other sewing enthusiasts in a warm, sociable environment. You can have fun choosing all that you need for your next project, make new friends, and join in a workshop. Fabric and haberdashery are in a league of their own when it comes to stimulating the senses, so why not take time out to visit a fabric shop near you on Sew Saturday?”

Corinne Bradd
Sew designer

“I'm fortunate enough to live two minutes walk from two independent fabric and haberdashery emporiums. I can guarantee that if one of them doesn't have what I'm looking for the other one will, or at least they'll suggest a viable alternative. Their knowledge and advice is invaluable, prices are often better than buying online, and you can see exactly what colour, pattern size and fabric thickness you're buying.”

Deborah von Grabler-Crozier

“A good local haberdashery or fabric store can be a great teaching aid. The people working in them tend to know what is what in their stock and can pull things off the shelf to show you how to do something. In my experience, they are usually sewists, knitters or crocheters themselves and they can answer just about any question. In return for their valuable knowledge, you are supporting an age old institution. While you are there, ask about classes and special interest groups – it is a great way to meet like minded people in your community. I think Sew Saturday is a great idea and we certainly need to keep the lines of education open if our lovely skills are to be passed down to the next generation where sadly, the traditional teacher may be missing.”